Shame, Guilt and The Victim Rescuer Persecutor Cycle

To extricate ourselves from rigid and entrenched patterns, we first need to understand them in a different way.  To that end, I offer the following example of a common pattern which afflicts a number of people.

The pattern is sometimes referred to as a victim/persecutor/rescuer cycle.  It was first described by […]

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Stilling the Mind: Meditation Exercise from Bob Fergeson

Bob Fergeson from has made an excellent video on a meditation exercise focussing upon stilling the mind.  Our attention is typically so rooted in our thoughts and emotions that we rarely recognize that the mind has quiet periods.  Focusing attention on the quietness can lead to a deeper […]

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Flow and Knowing Ourselves

Who are we?  When we start to explore this question, we find out how elusive it really is.  Are we a physical body?  Are we a collection of experiences and memories?  Are we only a partner in relationships?  Each time we consider these aspects of ourselves, we realize that there […]

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How to be comfortable in your own skin

Nice video on mindfulness and observation and how to use it to be comfortable in your own skin.  Here is the blurb for the video.

Your brain is regularly inhibited by aversion, apprehension, greed, and fear. Mindfulness exercises can help change that. Medical professor and meditation teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn explains how […]

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Milton Erickson and the African Violet Queen of Milwaukie

Not only was Milton Erickson the originator of modern hypnosis but he was a master therapist.  A friend and I characterize him as a savant in terms of therapy.  This video is one of Erickson talking about one of his most famous cases that dealt with a depression.

Notice how he […]

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Richard Rose Going Within

Richard Rose was a little known American Zen master who founded the TAT foundation.  One of his former students shared this video/audio of Richard Rose on Facebook and I happened to come across it.  This video is a collection of clips featuring Rose.  I might not agree with everything Rose […]

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Brene Brown on Blame

Blaming others and conversely not taking responsibility for our actions is often our default position.  Brene Brown discusses why we need to move on from blame.  Here is the blurb for the video;

You are probably a bit of a blamer – most of us are. But why should we give […]

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Using the Body as a Guide through Life.

I sometimes tell the factual story of when I met someone who would become a business associate of mine.  Upon initially meeting him, my body recoiled as if something was wrong.  I even had the fleeting thought that this person should not be trusted.  But given that I was being […]

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This Above All: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Tess Hughes new book entitled This Above All: A Journey of Self Discovery is now available for purchase.  Below is the blurb which accompanies the book and after that is a small snippet from the book.  The book is an important voice in the field of spiritual journeys – not […]

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Jed Mckenna discusses his Awakening

If you have not read Jed McKenna spiritual enlightenment trilogy it is well worth doing so.  One of the benefits is that he dispels many myths surrounding enlightenment.  As usual though, when reading material of this nature, it is only useful if it allows you to take the next step. […]

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What Happens when Episodic Memory is Missing?

It isn’t often that I link out to another article, but this case is both fascinating and should give everyone room to pause and reflect.  It has to do with a person who has no episodic memories, a very rare condition.   Episodic memories are a function of long term memory […]

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Obstacles to Finding Our True Nature

In my experience of working with people there are some common factors that frequently impeded the search for true self.  Below is a list that I have made of these impediments.   Sometimes it is useful to be able to identify where we are obstructed and/or stuck.  Here is the list […]

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