Buddha Doodles: Imagine the Possibilities

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Some very good advice and reminders on how to go about life are contained within this video.   Not to mention the animations are insanely cute!  Here is the blurb with the book amazon link at end of the text.

Molly Hahn began her daily meditative sketch practice in 2011, after […]

Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

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The video in this post is very interesting and I think would be a bit of an eye opener for most people.  The video is about motivation and what drives us.  it challenges our common notions by providing some compelling research to assist in making its points.   The blurb […]

Who Controls our Thoughts?

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If we are so in control of our lives, then why is it so problematic to silently count to ten or twenty or a thousand in our heads without another thought intruding?

And what about that intruding thought?  Where did it really come from?  Did we as an individual entity create […]

Find an Original Thought

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Find a thought which has no genesis from your parents, teachers, significant others, family, friends, media, culture or society at large.  Spend some time on this.   Isn’t your mind more like a conglomeration of other people’s thoughts, ideas, and behavior sets?  We prize ourselves on ability for original thought, but […]

10 Privileges of Being a Male

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It has been a while since I have posted anything on advocacy.  The video in this post is powerful and should be an eye opener for many people.   Definitely one that people should take the time to view and think about.  It is a straightforward video with some important and […]

Jed McKenna: Recipe for Failure

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In the knowledge of the Atman,
which is the dark night to the ignorant,
the recollected mind is fully awake and aware.

The ignorant are awake in their sense-life,
which is darkness to the sage.

Bhagavad Gita

KAMIEL CAME PREPARED. He carries a bulging, well-worn, triple rubber-banded notebook full of […]

What reality are you creating for yourself?

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Just to answer a couple of email questions, I do have a couple of written articles on the way which hopefully will be posted soon.  In the meantime, here is a fascinating video from Ted Talks.  It calls into question our construction of reality, our identity and most importantly fear. […]


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Aphorism: a pithy observation which contains a general truth.

Our tears taste the same.

Most people only learn one skill; how to be miserable.

The athlete knows he has to play hurt and does so.

A part of us is deeper and stronger.

Ego is the dragon which guards the gold.

The kind of attention […]

Are We Who We Think We Are?

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Jason Silva from shots of awe fame discusses the fluid role of identity in modern times.   Social media among other things gives people a chance to control how they present to the world.  As such it is definitely worth thinking about particularly in how we construct our identity.  Am […]

Lucid Dreaming Documentary with Charlie Morley

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This is a decent documentary on Lucid Dreaming with a Buddhist bent (Dream Yoga) on it.  Lucid Dreaming is when we are aware of the dream as the dream unfolds.  We are in a paradoxical state of being asleep and consciously awake at the same time.  Aside from facilitating more […]

Distinctions on the Spiritual Path

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There are some important distinctions to be made when someone is attempting to follow the spiritual path. Two of these are well elucidated by a couple of my favorite authors in the field of spiritual enlightenment.  By the way if you have not read the books below, please do so as they […]

Moments of Meaning

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This is a video which is part of a series on psychotherapy from various therapists called Moments of Meaning.  The videos give good insights on what it is like to be in therapy highlighting some of the interesting things which may occur during the therapy process.  I like this video […]