Using the Body as a Guide through Life.

I sometimes tell the factual story of when I met someone who would become a business associate of mine.  Upon initially meeting him, my body recoiled as if something was wrong.  I even had the fleeting thought that this person should not be trusted.  But given that I was being […]

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This Above All: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Tess Hughes new book entitled This Above All: A Journey of Self Discovery is now available for purchase.  Below is the blurb which accompanies the book and after that is a small snippet from the book.  The book is an important voice in the field of spiritual journeys – not […]

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Jed Mckenna discusses his Awakening

If you have not read Jed McKenna spiritual enlightenment trilogy it is well worth doing so.  One of the benefits is that he dispels many myths surrounding enlightenment.  As usual though, when reading material of this nature, it is only useful if it allows you to take the next step. […]

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What Happens when Episodic Memory is Missing?

It isn’t often that I link out to another article, but this case is both fascinating and should give everyone room to pause and reflect.  It has to do with a person who has no episodic memories, a very rare condition.   Episodic memories are a function of long term memory […]

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Obstacles to Finding Our True Nature

In my experience of working with people there are some common factors that frequently impeded the search for true self.  Below is a list that I have made of these impediments.   Sometimes it is useful to be able to identify where we are obstructed and/or stuck.  Here is the list […]

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Changing our Stressful Patterns

When a personal crisis strikes many people are more motivated to change their lives.  Despite the motivation there is a trap in that nearly everyone, (almost without exception) will return to some variant of doing what is familiar to them, but under different ruses.  We may well set off to […]

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Haunted Universe – Steven Norquist

This is a video from Steven Norquist speaking on enlightenment.  In this video, Steven shares why you should be scared about enlightenment.  He elucidates that the nature of the universe is emptiness –  there is no body here and nothing happening.  There is only awareness existing with no-one being aware […]

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Hypnosis for Clearing Subconscious Negativity

This is another hypnosis video/audio from Michael Sealey.  I think he does a good job of delivering hypnosis through this medium.  His voice is very calming and soothing I think.  Hypnosis is a powerful medium for creating change.  I would advise repeatedly listening to the video every day or every […]

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Sleep Hacking 101

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that sleeping well is vitally important to our well-being and health.  It seems to be so important that some would posit it should be the number 1 priority in our life if we are looking to improve the quality of our […]

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Fake it till you make it:  A Powerful Technique.

Let us take a brief experiential look at one aspect of how our minds works and apply it to the fake it till you make it principle.  Try the following with as much conviction as possible:

Imagine a bright yellow juicy lemon which is cut in half.  Really try and visualize […]

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The Brain with David Eagleman: What Is Reality – BBC Documentary 2016

Another excellent video!  This one hopefully gets people to question their view of reality.

Below is the blurb from the video:

Series in which Dr David Eagleman takes viewers on an extraordinary journey that explores how the brain, locked in silence and darkness without direct access to the world, conjures up the […]

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Choice Blindness, Tricky Placebos, and Conscious Choice

Our minds are tricky beasts which often distort and confuse perception with reality.  For example, it is usual to feel as though we are consciously in control of our own choices.  That has been the predominate paradigm for eons.  Our senses and thoughts tell us that this is the case.  […]

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