Some tips to help recall dreams;

  • Do not pressure yourself.  Be patient.
  • Have a firm intention to remember the dream.  Tell yourself to remember the dream just before falling asleep.
  • Keep a notebook or tape recorded handy beside your bed.  Be ready to wake and write down your dreams.  Even writing a few key images will help will dream recall.
  • When you wake up, stay in the same position as you were dreaming in.  If you have moved just get back into that same position.  This sometimes can trigger a dream recall.
  • When you awaken, remain still and keep your eyes closed. Focus on the area at the centre of your forehead and ask yourself, “What was I dreaming?” Allow any dream experience to come forward.
  • The longer we sleep the better as far as dreams go.  Make sure your sleeping environment is conducive to a good night sleep.
  • If you can manage it, awaken naturally.  Alarm clocks etc. tend to disrupt the dream cycle.
  • If you have a single dream fragment start associating from that fragment.  You can ask yourself how you arrived in this situation, how and where did these elements appear from etc? Go back in time and see if you cannot reconstruct the dream.
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