Yes I am still working on the book – Unmasking the Self, though admittedly it’s been intermittent.   It has been a few years in the making thus far, but that would be a bit misleading as there have been periods where I have left the book untouched for months.

I was very close to calling it finished around a year ago, I felt there was something missing.  My friends get frustrated with me as they know the book has been close a few times, but I keep insisting that it needs to be reworked and that’s what I have been doing.

The change in the book is predominately in its style.  Originally I wrote it with a dry, type of intellectual style (nothing wrong with that style as such) but have since shifted to a prettier more stylish prose.  The other major change has been that there are many more anecdotes injected into the book.  Hence, it has much more of a personal style than the original versions had.

The way I view the process, is the first few attempts were about getting the information down and now it’s about delivering the information in a more connective and eloquent manner.  It has been a lot of work so far, with more to follow. The books main topic is still very much about getting the most from life with a good amount of spiritual stuff thrown in to aid in that endeavour.   That’s ok, I enjoy writing J

Also people may not be aware that I returned to study this year, as well as investing more time into working with people in psychotherapy.  It is funny because outwardly I do not appear to be doing that much.  In fact, my friends frequently forget that I am doing a full-time course and work for myself as a psychotherapist all while being technically medically unfit for work.  On top of that I have daily correspondence with different people asking me questions of a spiritual/psychological nature, maintain this blog and so on.  It does not leave a lot of time for writing a book, particularly given my health problems and low levels of energy.  Yet I persist and am determined if nothing else.

So where does all this leave the book?

I have a few months of relatively free time coming up.  I plan to use this time to complete the current iteration of the book and hopefully will have it sent to the publisher early next year.  That said, be aware that I have a reasonably serious heart condition and I may have to spend some time in hospital and then recuperating.  So do not hold me to that time frame, but I will do my best to complete it by then.

In the meantime, I will release a few sample chapters early in the New Year.  I will also start a subscription list for those wishing to be advised of the book’s release in the New Year.  It will be good to have it finished and released and then move onto another book!