A number of years ago I had a client who had the most beautiful, grand, vivid dreams. Each dream seemed to be a tapestry of beauty, imagination and creativity. Her predominate feeling on waking was that she wished she could go on dreaming. The dreams occurred nightly without fail and each morning she would have this longing to return to her dreams. While many insights were gained from the dreams the insights did not seem to make a difference to how she was feeling on a day to day basis.

In her waking life she was constantly sad and teary eyed, almost to the point of being clinically depressed. In her own words she was bored with her life and did not think much of life overall. She was not a happy woman.

In going through her history it became apparent that some of her important ambitions were stifled later in life. She had an artistic streak that she had not paid attention to in years. She also had a very nurturing side to her personality that equally had been dormant for some time.

As it turned out the dreams served a compensatory function for her daily bouts of boredom and sadness. Literally she had become bored to tears. Her unconscious decided to make her life more interesting via her dreams. Hence the grand and beautiful nature of her dreams.

The unconscious can seem convoluted and complex to us. Often it is because we expect the unconscious to communicate with us in the same way we have a conversation with another. We assume it uses a rational linear form of communication. The unconscious though uses non-linear symbolism as it main mode of communication in our dreams and fantasies. It also utilizes our bodies to convey messages. Her daily teary eyed bouts of sadness, were a communication that something was not quite right, but equally that she was not seeing clearly.

As she became more aware of what was occurring at a deeper level of being, she started to fathom what the dreams were about. The message of the unconscious was that she longed for the beauty and vividness of her dreams in her life. The insight went hand in hand with her taking action. She went back to art school. She began to make a practice out of nurturing others and being generous of spirit to others.

In time, her sadness lifted and her bouts of being teary eyed ceased. She was beginning to become happier and happier. The unconscious sensing she no longer needed beautiful dreams to compensate for her life, began to wind down the frequency of the beautiful dreams. Which is not to say she won’t experience a really good dream again. Most people have a really good dream here and there. It’s more that in her case that the unconscious was repeating the theme of beauty etc. on a nightly basis. Repeating dreams are often the clearest source that something important needs to be attended too.

Often when I see people, their lives are out of balance. They have become overly rational or overly emotional, or become all work and no play, or all play and no work. Usually this is because they have neglected important parts of themselves for varying reasons.

When these neglected aspects are finally given much needed attention many of the things which ail us dissipate. Her dreams in their own way was asking her to live out the parts of her that had for one reason or another been forgotten and/or neglected.