Edward Traversa

—  B.A, Grad Dip App Psych (Community Psychology), M.A (counselling)

My name is Eddie Traversa and I run this site as an educational medium focussing on psychology, spirituality, psychotherapy, human growth and potential.  I attempt to share techniques and tips coupled with insights which may help people.

I work as a psychotherapist in my own private practice.  I enjoy working with people in a therapeutic manner.  More about that on the psychotherapy services page.

The most enjoyable thing I do is cook.   I particularly like to cook for others. Beef Wellington, Peking Duck, Home-made Pastas and many other culinary delights have been cooked with my hands.  I am hoping to learn more about Chinese cooking in the year to come.

I also love to write.  It seems like I am forever staring at a blank piece of paper.  Occasionally I manage a few words and even a sentence now and then.  When I do, it’s close to bliss.

I am a gamer.  Currently playing Black Desert Online.

Movies have become more prominent in my life.  I am growing fond of Asian and European movies but also enjoy some mainstream American and British movies.

Naturally there are people I love.  Way to many to list here, but you know who you are. Or perhaps you do not.

I hope you enjoy what is offered here and find some value in the writings and the pictures I post along with them.  Pictures can sometimes still the mind and it is good to have a break from the ego machinations of our brain.

Drop me a line through a comment or email if you have some questions, feedback, insights or just want to say hi.

Have a look around and see if anything is of interest to you.