Aphorism: a pithy observation which contains a general truth.

Our tears taste the same.

Most people only learn one skill; how to be miserable.

The athlete knows he has to play hurt and does so.

A part of us is deeper and stronger.

Ego is the dragon which guards the gold.

The kind of attention we need is similar to the attention a child has with a new toy.

Intuition can be likened to seeing essences in the smallest of things.

People never die in the space between breaths.

There are no defenses in a dream.

In our culture inner knowing is seen as a diversion.

Truth is like a raindrop on a window.

When we are lost in the moment there is no self.

The buckled can be straightened, the broken fixed.

Honesty without kindness often empowers meanness.

Censuring our anger is a further act of aggression.

Arguments will always be circular as long as those involved are concerned with scoring points and winning.

Studying ourselves provides everything needed.

Don’t just make a mental shift.  It also has to be a lived shift – something which is lived out on a day to day basis.

The soul likes to evolve.  The ego likes things to remain the same.  The self just loves impartially.

We are fearful that we are more than what we think we are.

A good way to determine if you are in alignment with your soul is to ask if you would still be doing the activity if no one else was alive.

It is not “I think therefore I am”, it is, I am therefore there is thinking.