And now for something a bit different to my writings.

The following is a hypnosis video with the intent to help people become a bit more relaxed and grounded with a focus on being present in the moment. The ability to be present is an important skill to develop as it negates dissociating from life and tuning out. Being able to relax is also especially important as it has implications for physical health as well as mental health.

It lays the foundations for the ability to self-regulate via relaxing and hopefully the video helps a little in this regard.

The hypnosis induction and suggestions are something I often use with clients as an introduction to relaxation and hypnosis.  It is a way to help clients feel more at ease with themselves which is a great launching pad for further work, It should be noted this is not meant to be a polished piece of scripted hypnosis, rather I did the audio on the fly as if I were hypnotizing a new client.  I will attempt to do some more polished pieces of hypnosis in later videos.

Hypnosis generally works best via repetition, therefore consistently listening to it once a day over an extended period is a good suggestion to take on board.  Do not expect miracle cures, although if that happens, more power to you 🙂

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