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This is a collection of articles from my now defunct Truth Realization site.   I wrote these articles on spirituality and enlightenment 7+ years ago.  Obviously, some of the concepts and material has been refined over the years but I still think some of the core material may be useful for some people.

The ebook is in pdf format and is available for download from here

Download Truth Realization Articles

Many people are not aware of the work of American Zen master Richard Rose.  He is one of the few people that I consider to be the real deal when it comes to enlightenment.  If you have not heard or acquainted yourself with his work, here are two free downloads that are well worth the read.  They are both written by former students and contain many insights about life and spirituality within them.

The first is by John Kent and is called The Path to Reality By Self.

The second is by David Gold and Bart Marshall called After the Absolute



This anxiety management infographic is extracted from the article linked below:

Anxiety Tips

The infographic is handy way to remember what is often called the 1 2 3 4 5 Anxiety Management Technique.  If you would like the infographic in a larger resolution, head over to the contact page and drop me a note with your requirements and I will most likely be able to arrange something for you.

Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

The infographic below highlights 8 important life skills to practice.  If you require this infographic in a higher resolution drop me a note.

Life Skills

The original article is located here:

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