I swiped this from Jed McKenna’s Forum located at http://jedmckenna.createaforum.com/general-discussion/ 

Over to Jed:

“Dear Members:

Here is the journey, laid out for your perusal, plain and simple.

Step one: Realize there is a you in the universe,
Step two: Realize there is a universe in you.
Step three: Realize there is no universe.
Step four: Realize there is no you.
Step five: Realize that Infinity/Truth is, and due to it’s unimaginable (infinite) structure…
Step six: Realize you can’t know it, only know it ”is” and it follows that…
Step seven: Everything has already happened, and
Step eight: Nothing ever happened.
Step nine: Realize that these step cannot be logically arrived at by a mind, primarily because they hinge on infinity and mind cannot grasp that, no matter what mathematical theoreticians might tell you. In case you haven’t go it by now, there isn’t a mind anyways.
Step ten: Go out and have a beer, some cheese cake, a nice flan or a cappuccino, kiss the next person you see in the dream and don’t be surprised if you laugh you ass off. The Gods aren’t crazy, they just have a hell of a sense of humor, and you are the punch line.