There is no need to kill, destroy, obliterate Ego.  This kind of mentality only creates a feedback loop which affirms Ego’s existence.   It would be ego trying to kill ego and what would remain in the end but ego?

Just see through it, learn to see its game.  Learn what hooks you into your way of being, both the good and the bad.  What does hook you in?   What fears do these hooks creates and what patterns emerge from the fears?

As I have said before, Ego is much like a playful puppy who does not know any better.  It metaphorically chews shoes and gets caught in all manner of adventures – some good, some not so good.  Almost always we have to untangle ourselves from these patterns before we can begin to see a little clearer and muster the strength and tenacity to push on.   We free ourselves as best as we can, but we are not freeing ourselves from ego, we are only diminishing that which no longer serves our being.

If we push further still, we might begin to ask, is Ego doing anything?  Or is it only appearing to do so?  Where is the game occurring?  What is Ego?  Where is Ego?