In the following article we have a guest author who would like to share some thoughts on spiritual prosperity from the perspective of Kriya Yoga.  Hope you enjoy it, here it is:

Peace and prosperity are goals for everyone engaged in spiritual practices – and this includes Kriya Yoga. But what is prosperity, and how is it related to the spiritual aspects of ourselves? What does prosperity mean, and how can we balance our physical requirements with our spiritual needs, and find the right balance between the two?

These are difficult questions, but Kriya Yoga may hold some of the answers that you are looking for. Whether you’re new to the practice or have many years of spiritual practice but are looking to dive more deeply into this concept, the information in this blog is sure to help you understand spiritual peace and prosperity more deeply.

The Key to Spiritual Prosperity is Drawing Out Individual Potential or Dharma

 What does prosperity mean? Simply, it means meeting our full potential – becoming fully present and fully-realized in ourselves. It means expanding to meet the potential that we have always had – and living a life that goes beyond only ourselves.

A key concept that’s essential to understanding spiritual prosperity in Kriya Yoga is that of dharma, one of the four Vedic principles for living. The concept of dharma refers to spiritual order and righteousness in the universe – but also on an individual level, it refers to the path that each person should follow in their lives to connect to their higher Selves.

In other words, dharma is fulfilling your individual potential and finding your purpose in life – becoming who you were always meant to be. It’s important to note that this does not necessarily refer to a job or vocation, but to a more spiritual purpose and path that’s separated from the material realities of our world.

Once you are fully present and understand who you are and your dharma, spiritual prosperity flows naturally, because you will be able to understand who you are, and how to fulfill the potential that has always been present in your spirit. This sort of self-realization and fulfillment is essential for true spiritual prosperity – and is one of the goals of prosperity meditation in Kriya Yoga.

Focusing on Material Prosperity Can Impair Spiritual Prosperity – Balance is Key

 Almost all practices of yoga, including Kriya Yoga, focus on balancing the body, the mind, and the soul. The Vedic principles that guide many yoga practices focus on what we may call “balanced living,” – where the needs of the body, mind, and soul are all balanced against each other.

It’s important to understand what this means. Unbalanced living can happen in a variety of ways. Perhaps you focus too much on material things – like income, career, consumerism, and purchasing status symbols. This can interfere with spiritual prosperity.

But the opposite is true, too. Focusing on austerity and only attempting to strive toward spiritual prosperity is also a metaphysical error – because you are attempting to create a spiritual condition that already exists within yourself.

We are already spiritual beings. There is no need to deprive yourself or focus exclusively on the spiritual aspect of your life, because it’s always present. The key is to understand this and embrace your natural spiritual aspect by living in a spiritually-conscious way.

This means that unrestrained desires for wealth and pleasure can be a distraction, and cause you to focus on fleeting, temporary things.

Likewise, focusing on the spiritual over your needs and the material facts of your life can make living to your dharma more difficult. Like all things in yogic practices, balance is key, and proper prosperity meditation can help you achieve this balance.

Always Remember that Spiritual Prosperity is Our Natural State Of Being

Seeking prosperity and peace within yourself is not easy, but Kriya Yoga can help by allowing you to open yourself up to the infinite power of nature, and assisting you in embracing your natural spiritual wholeness.

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