I sometimes keep an eye out for searches that come into this site.  One of the more regular ones concerns shapes and objects in dreams.  We often do not do a lot with them in terms of relating them to understanding ourselves.  Yet many times they can be valuable pointers for where to look and for which direction to take in life.  Consider the following example from one of my dreams from years gone by.   I am caught between two giant concrete rollers which are squeezing me and flattening me out.  I am being fed into the rollers going in one side and coming out the other side.   I can almost feel my body being crunched and my bones cracking as the rollers press down on me.  Although I am flattened, once I am out the other side, I am ok and am able to escape and the chase begins again.

The part of the dream I would like to focus upon are the rollers.  At a cursory glance they might seem to not have much importance, almost like a piece of a background set while all the action is in the foreground (me being crushed).  But if we pay some attention and start to question some of the meanings of the objects then we often find some surprising details.

A way into what those rollers may represent is to ask some questions along the lines of, what is pressing in my life?  What might the rollers represent?  Who might the rollers represent?  We could also ask who is squeezing the life out of me in real life?  Any question or technique that helps us understand the symbolic meaning of objects is useful.

For me the question who is squeezing the life out of me, triggered some insights.  The rollers were my parents.  One roller was my mother and the other was my father.  The extreme nature of being flattened is symbolic of the extreme nature of my parents.  That the rollers were made of concrete also conveys a coldness (made of stone) which is also true of both my parents although in different ways.  It also speaks to the pressure to be something other than what I was.  It fits well for my parents in many regards.

I might also ask what they were squeezing out of me, where life is ambiguous. That they were concrete rollers also must apply to my internal world.  We might think about concepts like warmth, sensitivity etc.  The rollers can convey a wealth of information as all objects within a dream can.

But as I keep saying insight is not really enough to produce change.  We also have to take appropriate action.  The intellectual understanding has to be followed by some experiential action.  A dream will always tell us what to do but often our ego gets in the way and we find ourselves on misleading paths.

In this dream snippet, I had to make an effort to get in touch with my sensitivity, which in turn helped flower some of my more intuitive abilities albeit it took some time.  I also had to set better boundaries with my parents and family, which at the time was not an easy thing to do.

It is important to not dismiss objects within dreams as just being scenery as sometimes they can reveal some important aspects of our inner worlds.