We all have dreams. Sometimes we remember them and sometimes we can even interpret their meaning. However, most dreams have an elusive quality which makes them difficult to interpret. The meaning of snakes in dreams can be particularly puzzling for some people. Are snakes good or bad symbols in dreams? What does their appearance mean? In this blog post, we will explore the significance of snakes in dreams and provide you with some tips on how to interpret them.

Like some of my previous articles https://edwardtraversa.com/the-meaning-of-houses-in-dreams/ I caution that symbols in dreams do not have a universal meaning which can be applied to all situations. The meaning of snakes in dreams can vary greatly depending on your own personal feelings and experiences with snakes. What is presented here is akin to some ideas to contemplate when thinking about the snake symbol in a dream.

There are a couple of introductory points to consider. It is worthwhile considering what is occurring in your day-to-day life and seeing if there is some correlation with the dream symbol. For instance, someone in daily life might be making some poisonous remarks. The snake symbol may be pointing to that behavior and how it affects you. Another example might be, that the snake is slithering in the dream to which you may wish to contemplate a desire to glide smoothly through life.

Pay attention to how you felt in the dream, what kind of emotions were experienced in the dream? How did you feel when first woke up? How do you feel when you recall the snake symbol? All these can be portals to deeper meanings embedded within the dream. If you have a fear of snakes, then they may represent something that you are afraid of or repressing.

It is worthwhile to pay attention to the scene where the snake appeared. Was it inside the house, perhaps signifying something fearful too close to home? Or perhaps it was in a jungle setting. Is your life a little bit like a jungle, eat or be eaten? Pay attention to what the snake was doing. Was it chasing you, was it moving away from you, was it not paying attention to you? if the snake is wrapped around you in a comforting way, this could be a sign that you need healing. Alternatively, if the snake is attacking you, this could represent a threat or danger in your life. These actions can reveal different meanings when considering the snake symbol.

Here are a few further ideas to contemplate when a snake appears in a dream. Snakes in dreams often symbolize something that is hidden or feared. They can represent repressed emotions or desires, unconscious urges, or even danger. Sometimes snakes can represent positive qualities, such as knowledge, transformation, and new beginnings. However, they can also indicate negative aspects of the dreamer’s personality, such as anger, aggression, or sexuality.

Alternatively, the snake could be a metaphor for something “sneaky” or dangerous that is going on in your life. If you feel positive about snakes, then they may represent qualities such as wisdom, healing, and new beginnings.

Some people believe that snakes in dreams are a representation of the kundalini energy, which is believed to be a spiritual force that lies dormant at the base of the spine. The kundalini is thought to be awakened through meditation and other spiritual practices, and it is said to bring about transformation and enlightenment. If you feel that the snake in your dream is connected to the kundalini energy, then it may symbolize a need for spiritual growth or awakening.

In some cultures, snakes are associated with healing and fertility. Consider the Rod of Asclepius which is often used in medical and healing symbols – two snakes intertwined on a rod. A snake symbol may be indicative that something may be healing or may need to be healed. This can be either physical or psychological.

Perhaps one of the more common meanings associated with snakes, is that they can be a symbol for transformation and a new phase in life. A snake sheds its skin, thus leaving part of the past behind and embarking forward with a new skin. This can be a powerful symbol of change. Alternatively, if there is fear associated with snakes it might signify a fear of change.

The snake in your dream could be a symbol of temptation. Think back to when Adam and Eve were tempted by the serpent, who offered them food they should not have eaten from his garden on Earth – this is a similar representation for someone being tempted today!

Snakes can also be interpreted according to their color. Black snakes are often associated with darkness, evil, and death. White snakes usually represent purity, healing, and transformation. Blue snakes may symbolize knowledge, intuition, and creativity. Red snakes typically indicate danger, passion, or sexuality. A green snake could mean paying more attention to your hygiene and health or more positive growth and fertility. The latter could also be a metaphor for the grass is always greener.

Ultimately, the best way to determine what snakes in your dream represent is to consider the context and your personal feelings about them. With a little bit of reflection, you should be able to get a better understanding of what your dream is trying to tell you. Here are a couple of more articles on dreams which may be of interest

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