One of the things that has crept up on modern society is that we generally sleep 20% less than what we used to.  A lack of sleep can lead to many things such as irritability, poor concentration, fatigue, anxiety and has repercussions for the physical well-being of the body.  It is well worth going to see a doctor if you have trouble sleeping as you may unknowingly have a sleep disorder.

Most people do not, but more simply have found themselves in a particular sleeping pattern which is not as beneficial as it could be.

Some people find difficulty when they first awake in the morning and feel tired for many hours after.  They usually also have problems falling asleep.  It can also occur the other way around where a person feels overly tired at night and goes to sleep, but then wakes up in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep.

Here is a quick and relatively easy method to get the body and sleep patterns back in synch.

One of the ways to establish a new sleeping pattern is via the use of sunlight.  Sunlight helps to produce melatonin in the brain.  The production of melatonin works in a biological rhythm.  It has a distinct pattern for when it releases.

By exposing ourselves to sunlight, we lower the level of melatonin.  Later when the next input of melatonin is due, it will readjust itself accordingly.  To illustrate consider a person who has trouble waking and is sluggish or irritable for a few hours after.  That person would need to expose themselves to sunlight between 6am and 9am.  If it is a bright sunny day, then 20 minutes exposure is good.  If it is a cloudy day then we need to at least double the time.

The effect is that the melatonin levels will immediately drop, but more importantly, the night time release of the chemical is bought forward a few hours.  This change in the timing of the pattern allows a person to feel tired a few hours earlier than they normally would.

It can take 3-5 days before the new pattern kicks in, so do not expect results on the first day or two.  Once the new pattern has kicked in then we need to expose ourselves to sunlight in the same manner for a month.  This habituates the patterns and the brain so that it becomes a more beneficial pattern and enables us to feel less sleepy during the day and also sleep earlier at night.

If a person has the problem of waking up during the middle of the night, then they would use the period between 6pm and 9pm to reset the sleeping cycle.  The times may change depending on where a person lives in the world and also because of daylight savings times.  Just adjust the times accordingly to somewhere just after sunrise and sundown.