A number of years ago while undergoing a quadruple bypass something that might be considered a little strange occurred.  During the operation they had to stop my heart and I was being kept alive by a heart and lung machine.  As such a tube was placed down my throat to help me breath while they performed the surgery.  The tube was rather thick and I had heard and read that it was an unpleasant experience to have it removed.

My recollection of the removal of the tube from my mouth and throat was in fact a pleasant one.  I don’t mean that in any masochistic sense but that in experience it was a distinctly pleasant experience.  I remember the thought of “this is nowhere near as bad as they made it out be” entering consciousness, and also that as the tube was being removed, it produced a sort of smooth sensation in my throat.  It was not dissimilar to ice cream going down the throat, except it was not cold and the tube was being pulled out.  It had that sort of sense to it.

Of course, I was heavily drugged, as you can well imagine and I was slipping in and out of consciousness as I had just woken from the surgery.  Still it was a very vivid recollection.

The next day I was recollecting the experience to my mother and a nurse.  They looked at me strangely and I asked them what was wrong.  My mother replied and stated that I was squirming and fighting and in a high state of distress as they pulled the tube out.  The nurse nodded in agreement.

I may be able to put forth a plausible explanation as to why I may have had such a positive experience of the incident, but that’s not what the gist of this article is about.

Consider both accounts of the incident and also note that none of the parties concerned including myself was lying.  Which account is true?  Did I have a pleasant experience or did I have an unpleasant experience as my body reaction would indicate?

What were the reasons that made you choose one account over another, or alternatively what made you come to a different conclusion?